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    What to Expect from Dental Sealants

    Last updated 11 months ago

    Back teeth like molars and pre-molars are very susceptible to cavities because they are harder to clean than front teeth. Large pits and grooves in these teeth hold onto plaque, which can then lead to tooth decay. A dental sealant is plastic material that is placed on the back teeth to create an extra barrier against plaque. Learn more about sealants and how they work in this video.

    Belmont Dental Group can give you dental sealants that help you keep your mouth clean and healthy. We offer Saturday and evening hours to help all of our patients find an appointment time that fits into their schedules. To learn more about our services, call (617) 484-2431. 

    What Are Dental Sealants?

    Last updated 11 months ago

    There are certain preventative treatments that the dentist offers to help you avoid issues with cavities and periodontal disease. A dental sealant is considered a preventative treatment because it helps you keep your teeth cleaner, avoid tooth decay, and prevent gum disease. Keep reading to learn more about sealants and how they can benefit your mouth.

    The Sealant

    A dental sealant is a plastic coating that a dentist places directly onto molars, premolars, or any tooth surface with deep grooves. Since the plastic covers up the chewing surface of the teeth, it can help you avoid getting food and bacteria into pits and fissures. If you can cover up there areas, you have a better ability to clean the teeth and avoid decay.

    The Need

    Your teeth change with the stages of your life, so there are a few different reasons why you might need dental sealants. Dentists sometimes recommend them for babies if their teeth have deep pits or depressions and the child is already susceptible to cavities. Children and teenagers might need them if they are prone to cavities, especially after their molars grow in. Adults who have not yet experience tooth decay but do have deep grooves can also benefit from this preventative treatment.

    The Process

    The dentist or dental hygienist can get you fitted with dental sealants in just a few minutes. Before they apply them, they clean the affected area and the teeth around it with cotton. They then add a solution to the enamel before rinsing and drying the teeth. A dentist paints the sealant onto the enamel surface to get rid of the dips in the chewing surface of the tooth.

    Belmont Dental Group is here to help you with all of your oral health issues to allow you to keep your mouth healthy and free from cavities. Come in today to learn more about dental sealants and how they can help you improve your oral hygiene routine. For more information on our list of procedures, call (617) 484-2431. 

    Get to Know Belmont Dental Group's Doctors

    Last updated 11 months ago

    At Belmont Dental Group, we believe that staffing the best dentists gives us an edge over the competition. When you make an appointment for one of our dental services, you can enjoy the expertise of the following qualified doctors.

    Dr. Nager focuses on general dentistry with a specialty in Oral Conscious Sedation Dentistry. He is also a clinical instructor at Harvard School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Lapidus practices general dentistry for both adults and children, with a focus on Prosthodotics. He attended Tufts University for his undergraduate degree as well as his dental degree and also teaches at Harvard School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Pourati is a Board Certified periodontist and focuses on implant placement and treating gum disease.

    Come to Belmont Dental Group to see our fine dental team do what they do best. Whether you need a regular checkup or sedation dentistry, we can help. To learn more about our doctors or to make an appointment, call (617) 484-2431.

    Events that Call for Professional Tooth Whitening

    Last updated 11 months ago

    Bright, white smiles are so desirable because they can lighten up an entire face. Teeth whitening services helps you get your smile up to par in time for important events. Consider calling the dentist before the following to ensure that your smile is as bright as can be.

    Job Interview

    Make a good impression on a potential future employer by reversing the stains that food and drinks can leave on your teeth. When you can demonstrate that you care about your appearance, it helps you feel confident and in control as you go through your interview.

    Photo Session

    Take advantage of tooth whitening services at the dentist before a big photo shoot so you get pictures that show you at your best. A bright, white smile will look much better in the photograph than a yellow, stained one.

    Big Date

    Since you only have one real chance to make an impression, you want to do what you can to show your date that you care about your appearance. Make an appointment to get your teeth whitened before your next big date and smile proudly as you sit and talk with your date.


    Take advantage of teeth whitening services to get your smile in top shape for your wedding day. The pictures taken on your big day will forever memorialize how special it was. If you feel confident in your smile, it will show in these pictures and helps you remember how amazing your wedding was for the rest of your life.

    Whether you are preparing for a big event or you just want to whiten your smile, Belmont Dental Group is here for you. With cosmetic, preventative, and hygiene treatments, we cover all areas of your mouth. To learn more about our tooth whitening or sedation dentistry, visit our website or call (617) 484-2431. 

    Want to Improve Your Dental Health? Try These Oral Hygiene Aids

    Last updated 11 months ago

    Food and bacteria can eventually wear down the teeth and cause decay. If you can properly clean your teeth in between dental visits, you have a better chance of avoiding cavities and periodontal disease. The following oral hygiene aids give you the tools you need to maintain a healthy mouth.

    Dental floss is a great tool to clean out hard-to-reach food and plaque that falls between teeth. Interdental cleaners give you easy access to the contours of the teeth. Mouthwash helps you get rid of a lot of the bacteria that accumulates in the mouth. Tongue cleaners and toothbrushes are also must-have aids to fight plaque and bacteria.

    Regular check-ups at Belmont Dental Group help you thwart off cavities and prevent periodontal disease. We bring you the dental services that you need in Cambridge. To learn more about our treatment options or to make an appointment, call (617) 484-2431 or visit us online.


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